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Sunday, August 7, 2022

Block Club Chi: Red Line extension is now closer than ever

 The most recent reporting on the future Red Line extension which will take the L further south into Roseland to 130th Street. As I read this article no money has been allocated to start this project yet.

Block Club Chi:

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Save the Date: Supplemental Environmental Assessment for Red Line extension

From a recent e-mail from CTA

The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) is hosting a virtual and in-person public hearing to solicit public comments on the Supplemental Environmental Assessment (EA) and section 4(f) Evaluation. The Supplemental EA discloses design refinements to the project's Preferred Alignment and evaluates three project changes that have occurred since the publication of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) in 2016. The project changes are 1) 130th Street station relocation, 2) 120th Street yard and shop refinement, and 3) 107th Place cross-over.
  • Virtual Public Hearing (via Zoom)
    Tuesday, February 15th
  • In-Person Public Hearing Thursday, February 17th
    The Salvation Army Kroc Center (1250 W. 119th St., Chicago, IL 60643)
Information regarding pre-registration and availability of the Supplemental EA and Section 4(f) Evaluation, to be made available ahead of the public hearings!

For additional information about the Red Line Extension Project, please visit the project website at, or please contact the project team at


Wednesday, February 3, 2021

CTA Red Line extension meeting regarding the station at 130th street

 I'm sorry I haven't be able to adequately advertise these virtual townhalls regarding the CTA Red Line extension. One had just passed last night, however, regarding the proposed station at 103rd Street as you see in the flyer below. There will be two other meetings on the 103rd Street and Michigan Avenue stops later this month.

Meanwhile StreetsBlog Chicago has a recent story about the meeting about the 130th Street stop for the proposed Red Line extension

Thursday, July 11, 2019

The site of the former Halsted Indoor Mall #tbt

I snapped these shots of the site of the former shopping center on 115th & Michigan during the summer of 2014. I never released the shots back then, but I wanted to share the context of this site with this article from the Chicago Reader which was actually published in 2003.

It illustrated the history of the former Halsted Indoor Mall which was once housed in a building that once contained a Zayre store. The shopping center here contained both a Foot Locker store and a beauty supply as well as a Jewel-Osco. However at some point all these stores have since closed. The Jewel-Osco closed once a new store was built at the new shopping center located at 119th Street and Marshfield (or on the west side of I-57) should be around 2007 or 2008.

I do remember shopping with my family at the old Zayre store and the old Jewel store you see in the photos below was another shopping destination over the years until the new store opened across the I-57 expressway. One ominous piece of information I learned shopping here one day, my mother was told by another customer that they did snatch purses in that store. YIKES!

At some point after 2012 the former Halsted Indoor Mall was razed, I see this looking at Google Streetview. And that largely ends the saga of the former space which seemed to riddled with some issues involving it's management by the people who operated the space and certainly the people who owned it. The property itself remains vacant with the idea of at some point perhaps something else will be developed here. Perhaps more retail or even some mixed-use retail and residential.

Below are the photographs from summer 2014. I wish I had a pic of the sign on the corner of 115th & Halsted which even the last time I drove by here still had a sign for the Halsted Indoor Mall although the building no longer stands.

Here's a Google Streetview of this property before the Indoor Mall building was razed from 2012 after this you see it's no longer standing. And as stated already the above photos were shot in the summer of 2014.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Washington Heights Visioning Session - Red Line Extension Coalition

Red Line extension
This invited with an attached newsletter was sent to us via the West Chesterfield Community Association with regards to the red line extension.


    6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
    Thursday October 18th, 2018
    Woodson Library Auditorium
    9525 S Halsted, Chicago

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Route of future Red Line extension has been determined

[VIDEO] The long awaited extension continues to move forward with a specific routing south to 130th Street on the far south side of Chicago. Of course there's still a process through getting the financing from the federal and state governments for construction on this new L line can start. When the process ends we're looking towards sometime next decade before the building starts.

Here's a basic map of the future extension via Tribune Graphics
  Also the question is already being asked about how to get the money to build this new L line 
Finally here's the CTA page for the Red Line extension.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Update on the planning for CTA Red Line extension

CTA Red Line extension
Recently got an update with regards to where the Chicago Transit Authority is currently with the planned Red Line extension south from 95th Street to 130th St. near Altgeld Gardens. You can read a two sheet update here from their official website.

With this in mind there are two videos with regards to the extension which in my opinion is beneficial to the far south side of Chicago. However, what I strive to do on this blog is to be fair and the first video is a local homeowner who is opposed to the Red Line extension because it's construction means the destruction of homes as far as whatever alignment the CTA will choose.

This first video is courtesy of The Chicago Reporter - and posted to YouTube in December 2016 - and shows commentary by Shari Henry who opposes the extension as the project could threaten her family home. We see a drive around through the communities that are affected by this proposed project. As I may hope there could be further development Henry uses 95th as a guide with little business development around the 95th Terminal. [VIDEO]
The next video shows a proposal for the revitalization of the intersection at 115th & Michigan - although yeah they refer to this as 116th & Michigan. This is geared towards transit oriented development with mixed use buildings that hopefully will include storefronts, low-income housing, a grand entrance to the nearby L station, and greenspace to be used for community events. Seems like a great plan that should be considered even if it must be refined. The video was posted to YouTube in May 2017. [VIDEO]
Here's yet another video which was posted to YouTube in Dec. 2012 - 4 years ahead of The Chicago Reporter video with Shari Henry. Of course this is a video that is in favor of the Red Line extension to 130th Street and certainly wants us to know the benefits of building this extension. An hour commute to downtown Chicago for cultural, education, or even jobs. The far south side won't be so disconnected or it won't take so long to take advantage of all the opportunities the city of Chicago has to offer. [VIDEO]
Forgot to add the above video was before the 2013 Red Line south reconstruction and before the current redevelopment of the 95th Red Line terminal.

What you see below is the project development phase which is the final environmental impact statement and record of decision as far as the Red Line alignment along the Union Pacific Railroad route. I suppose this means which side of the tracks will have their properties impacted which is also explained in the two-page report from CTA.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Curbed Chi: Proposed Trump budget could threaten Chicago’s mass transit network

Future 103rd St. Red Line stop
A variety of transit projects in our fair city could be on the gun but I want to emphasize one project that could be derailed - no pun intended - by the priority on people who drive their own vehicles:
Amtrak isn’t the only transportation network expected to feel the squeeze from Washington. While CTA’s $2.1 billion Red-Purple Line modernization program managed to secure $1.1 billion in matching federal funds during the waning days of the Obama Administration, Trump’s proposed budget could cast serious doubts on a plan to extend the Red Line beyond 95th Street to Chicago’s Far South Side.
If there was a time for Chicago's south side leaders to make sure we get that extension funded now, this is the time. And yes I realize Trump doesn't have many friends or allies here in Chicago.

Crossposted from The Sixth Ward

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Transit Matters - Pullman open house

This open house about a Pullman Transportation and Access Plan to take place January 26th at the Pullman National Monument Visitor's center located at 11141 S. Cottage Grove from 6:30 to 8:00 PM with a presentation set to start at 7:00 PM. Refer to flyer below.

And checkout this website

Thursday, January 19, 2017

A new high school coming to Roseland?

While this DNA Info article mostly concerns the possibility of a new high school in Englewood, it's noted that Chinatown and Roseland are also in the running for a new high school. A few considerations from the article worth noting.

To start location. Where is the land available for a new high school? Of course there are areas where it's possible to build a new school especially with foreclosed homes.

And then what schools would close. Speaking of Englewood, it's unclear if this means an elementary school would close or a high school. Although one candidate for closure would be Robeson High School which is noted for having their issues especially academically.

In the Roseland area there are already Corliss on east 103rd Street & Cottage Grove and then Julian directly west on 103rd & Vincennes. Also there is Fenger at 11220 S Wallace St and then there's Gwendolyn Brooks on 115th & King Drive. If any of those schools have to go which one might that be.

And then one more thing worth noting, what does this new school have to offer that the others don't already. Gwendolyn Brooks is a college prep academy. Harlan has a magnet engineering program and I can't speak for Julian, Corliss and Fenger. 

Whether or not we're talking Chinatown, Englewood or Roseland this school should offer programs of interest for the students. We can't just talk about another neighborhood high school to be built. If CPS is interested in building a new school in any area, what should be invested in it to make it worthwhile?

Monday, October 3, 2016

Red line extension moves forward

Rendering of the 103rd CTA station
I'm somewhat disappointed that the red line extension to Roseland may not open until at least 2026 at the earlier according to what was written by Greg Hinz. Regardless more progress is being made in the future progress to bring the CTA L system further south from 95th street. This project is expected to cost about $2.3 billion.

As CTA continues to move forward we will see a draft environmental impact statement which will be seen on this project's website. In addition as hopefully construction would begin at 2022 at the earliest another step is to purchase those properties within the footprint of the route whether or not the CTA goes with the two options for their preferred routing.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

DNA Info: Planners Dreaming Up What's Next for Pullman National Monument

Via Chicago Neighborhoods
Mark Konkol who just so happens to be a Pullman resident talks about the implications of the neighborhood becoming a national monument as declared not long before the February municipal elections:
Pullman’s days as a cute historic district with a pretty cool house tour are officially over. Now, the neighborhood has a shot to be a national model for inner-city renewal, creative public transportation and urban tourism that has the attention of architects and city planners from across the country.

And for that, the National Park Conservation Association and the American Institute of Architects have rounded up some of the nation’s most prominent architects, economists, transportation gurus and historic preservationists for a three-day brainstorming session aimed on creative ways to capitalize on the neighborhood’s new national status.

Starting Thursday, about 40 professionals who know a thing or two about making big plans for urban areas will gather in Pullman to come up with plans for everything from renovating Metra stations and restoring historic ruins to coming up with a blueprint for bolstering local business and safer ways to walk across 111th Street.

“We want to visualize what Pullman might look like in 10 years with the influence of the national monument designation,” said Lynn McClure, the conservation association's Midwest senior director.
I could only envision this is not only good for Pullman but good for neighboring Roseland as well.

Friday, February 6, 2015

What would you like to see at 115th/Michigan

115th/Michigan - Summer 2014

Over at The Sixth Ward I did a post about this corner in June 2013. The pics seen in this post save for the final historic post was taken in the summer of 2014. Consider this something of an election year post as I believe this corner could be a key one when the red line extension is finally built.

There are four people running for Alderman including the incumbent and he has three challengers. Hopefully all of them have an eye on this corner and perhaps their vision may not even include the red line extension although it is my belief this corner would benefit from the proposed stop over Michigan Avenue. Whatever the vision hopefully it would include some form of transit oriented development.

Over the years the lot at 115th & Michigan had a number of buildings including a shopping center that had been razed during the course of the last decade. That lot included a number of retail stores (such as a grocery store and Perry Drugs), restaurants (such as The Coffee Pot), and more. The most recent development plans for that lot included a future shopping center including an Aldi's.
Family Dollar 115th/Michigan

The vacant lot to the east on 115th/Michigan
What I failed to do in the other post was show a picture of how this intersection looked back in the day. This business strip was actually an active area with plenty of activity but what happens over time things do change. Perhaps we'll see this activity again by the time the Red Line is up and running in the near future hopefully. Below is what you'd have seen at this intersection east of 115th/Michigan.
115th/Michigan in 1934
Now the burning question...what would you like to see here?

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

CTA Red Line Extension

Yup I did promise a post on the Red Line extension. This post was originally posted to The Sixth Ward blog on August 23, 2009. Of course there has been further updates since then and will be crossposted here. In addition some of the information here is out of date as there have been CTA and Pace bus service changes over the years. However, I do sincerely hope to be on the first run on the first day of service on the future extension.

The following pictures in this post were taken from the slideshow presentations of Red Line extension alternatives. Particularly the presentations you would have seen at either Woodson Library or Olive Harvey College on June 3 & 4, 2009.
This route is the locally preferred alternative. It would roughly leave 95th Street and would be elevated along the Union Pacific Railroad with stops at 103rd, 111th, 115th, and 130th streets. There is no indication of where exactly the terminal would be although other stories about the CTA's approval of a Red Line extension would have the terminal near the South Shore rail line.
This pic is a conception of the 103rd Street Red Line station. One aspect of the proposed L extension is to eliminate the long bus rides to the 95th Terminal. If the Roseland L gets built I can only imagine that we may see another reorganization of bus routes along the extension.

For example, if students at Julian & Corliss High Schools in addition to Olive Harvey College may have to get off at 103rd Street to get to their respective campuses. That could mean that the 103 bus may no longer be routed to 95th and it'll just be an east-west bus between the current 103 bus terminus at 104th & Pulaski and the current terminus of the 106 bus at 103rd & Stony Island (well it's that bus barn on East 103rd).

I can only imagine that the 106 will be eliminated especially if the 103 will no longer be routed to 95th Street. If a bus rider had to go north on Michigan they would have to change buses instead of being able to stay on the bus to ride North on Michigan Avenue. Either way this routing should eliminate any concern there might be regarding our young people from area schools or any other traffic that comes into 95th on any given weekday.

Also since there are stations along the way I could see other routes being changed such as the Pace 353 bus. If the route of the 353 bus could terminate at the 115th Street stop instead of going to 95th. When that happens King Drive south of 95th could lose their bus service.

Well I know I can't figure out all the possible changes and before anything should happen the extension has to be built first.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

WBEZ: Committee releases CPS school repurposing plan

What to do when schools are closed and they just sit vacant? It appears now is the time to figure that out:
The public bidding process for closed Chicago Public Schools buildings will start this spring.

 A committee appointed by Mayor Rahm Emanuel has released a report advising the district on what to do with its dozens of shuttered buildings. There are 43 empty school buildings because of last year’s sweeping round of closures. The report didn’t come up with a plan for each school. Instead it set parameters for the district to repurpose the buildings.

The committee says possible building uses include churches, urban farms, housing and community centers.

“One of the key pieces here is community involvement in an active role. Many proposals will be encouraged to really get the community behind their proposal before actually making the proposal,” said committee chair Wilbur Milhouse, who owns an engineering and construction company.

Many of the buildings are in troubled neighborhoods that have high foreclosure rates and vacant land. Milhouse said some schools will be easier to sell than others but all the sales will go into one fund. The money would help facilitate finding purchasers for those properties.
A south side neighborhood - Englewood - is certainly interested in this topic. An neighborhood organization - R.A.G.E. - has even written a "white-paper" on the subject. If you have a vacant school building in your neighborhood, what would you re-purpose that building for?